Villamayor, Salamanca (Spain)

18 Holes • Length 6.475 m • Par 72


In 2013, Villa Mayor Golf changed the original name to Salamanca Forum Golf, and that was the beginning of a continuous transformation of the original routing into a more playable golf course and the most important, a more safe golf course. At the same time, Stirling & Martin were analyzing deeply the course to make it more fun, enjoyable and attractive to all levels of golfers.

Until January 2018, many works have been done:

  • Construction of 6.000 sqm of tees surface.
  • Transformation of 36 bunkers into grass depressions.
  • Minimizing the penalizing rough areas and increase to the maximum, all the fairways areas.
  • New planting of 200 trees to define the tee shot and give extra security to the houses parallel to the fairways.
  • New pumping station.
  • Hydraulic and energy audit and progressive modernization of irrigation system.
  • Progressive improving of drainage system in all fairways and green surroundings.
  • New drainage system in bunkers and new silica sand in all the greenside bunkers.
    Salamanca Golf Forum today is a very fun golf course, and the renovation is helping to promote golf and get new members for the golf club year after year.