Villar de Olalla, Cuenca (Spain)

18 Holes • Length 5.696 m • Par 72


The original name of the golf course was Villar de Olalla Golf and like many others golf courses in Spain it’s construction was the reason to create a wide open, green area surrounded by future urban development.

Some of those residential golf courses did keep in mind important aspects like safety between golf and houses. The redesign work was to increase safety on the entire golf for the nearby houses, make some greens more playable and fun, and the green surrounds.  Also, study the entire strategy of the golf course and make improvements.

Thanks to many residential golf projects all over Spain like in Cuenca Golf, developers have contributed in bringing golf to the middle classes,  and also help to eliminate the image of golf being  only associated with very rich and exclusive people.  In the British Isles golf is mainly public golf, and available to people of all clases.