Villajoyosa, Alicante (Spain)

18 Holes • Length 6.325 m • Par 72

(Under construction from hole 10 to 18)



Puig Campana Golf is an 18 holes golf course located in two different city limits. The first nine holes, already built and open to play is in the Finestrat city limits. The back nine, in the design stage is situated in the Villajoyosa city limits. The golf course is designed to be a tourist destination so close to Benidorm. The owner and developer, Don Agustin Pérez, has been deeply involved in the design and construction process, following very closely every construction stage. Don Agustin is co- designer on that golf course. It is an extraordinary experience to work hand in hand with a such a kind personality and a clear vision to be successful in golf mixed with residential zones.

The golf course has extraordinary views over the Mediterranean sea and the close, impressive mountains of Puig Campana and Sierra de Aitana.