It is essential to choose the right location for the Golf Course within the limits of the estate. By doing this, the course is fully integrated with the existing terrain and vegetation using the minimum amount of land and always with the design of a convenient, secure and strategically attractive course.


Stirling & Martin Golf Course Architects will design the course within the defined space of the approved area. The aim is to present the design of the Golf Course and operational features: Clubhouse, parking, access, maintenance area, lakes, etc. This design will incorporate the following aspects:

SECURITY for the houses alongside the course, nearby roads and for other golfers playing the holes nearby.

CONVENIENCE OF COURSE, minimising the distances and slopes from green to tee and on each hole (basic feature in planning the course and in its marketing success).

STRATEGY. Without disregarding the two aspects above, strategy is essential in order to have the possibility to host international sporting events, meaning that it is also multi-purpose for players of all levels.


The Execution Plan is a set of technical documents that fully define the proceedings when constructing the golf course including planning and economic assessment, which allows the Developer to:

  Hire the builder or subcontractor to build the golf course.

  Correctly execute construction and monitor the Project.

  A basis for creating the Environmental Impact Study.

  Financially plan investment and attract investors.

  Request construction permits and concessions for water irrigation.

The Execution Plan will cover all the engineering aspects associated with the golf course:

 Graphic representation of the course design. Redesign of play áreas.

 Detailed definition of golf course grading using contours.

 Calculation of cuttings and embankments and compensation for holes. Creation of digital terrain models.

 Lakes to store irrigation water integrated into the design. Volume calculation. Communications between lakes.

     Aeration systems. Recirculation requirements.

  Design and dimensioning of drainage and evacuation systems.

 Design and dimensioning of irrigation system (hydraulic and automatic system).

 Calculating pump requirements and selecting equipment.

  Selecting the most suitable species and varieties of plants.

 Soil preparation for seeding. Amendments to carry out.

  Golf course landscaping. Definition of strategic and secure wooded área.

Technical definition of the Plan will be expressed verbatim, graphically and in terms of the budget in the documents that make up the Execution Plan (Report, Specifications, Budget, Measurements and Plans). The work timetable will be set out in a Work Calendar to be able to calculate the investment flow during construction. The Plan will be accompanied by other technical documentation including the Health and Safety Plan.