Blake Stirling

Golf Course Designer

Blake Stirling has 35 years of experience as a golf course designer. Since 1997, he has completed more than 30 golf course projects together with Marco Martin. Previously, he has worked for large firms including Pete Dye, Perry Dye and Desmond Muirhead, completing over a hundred golf courses. Blake Stirling was a professional on the PGA Tour and has a postgraduate degree in Landscape Architecture.

The design philosophy of Blake is based on “naturalism”. He is a strong defender of conserving natural resources, economic design and working in harmony with nature. With the right design, he believes that any golf course can greatly improve the natural environment anywhere in the world.

Marco Martín

Golf Course Architect

Marco Martín has actively participated in a large number of golf course projects in Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, since his beginnings as a design assistant at Dye Design, at the hands of Perry Dye, up until today as a project manager and overseeing the construction of the golf courses.

Marco Martín searches for the best results for each project in the most adverse conditions. Since he joined the Master Planning team, he has achieved this by actively working, analysing the expectations and goals for the property, and leading and motivating workers whilst the work is being carried out.

Two leading designers provide double prestige to one firm synonymous with credibility, security and leadership.
We only design great golf courses

That is the goal of Stirling & Martin Golf Course Architects when designing a new golf course. The goal for each project is to create an endless number of experiences for the golfer so that they can enjoy playing again and again. Blake Stirling and Marco Martin, combine their experience and passion for golf so that each course has a natural environment and are unique, beautiful, fun and memorable courses to be enjoyed.

Our challenge when designing a new golf course is to provide a unique golfing experience for golfers of all levels. Blake Stirling and Marco Martín as golf course architects have not only created a range of spectacular courses but also achieved “win-win” situations for golfers, developers and environmental authorities. Our designs draw from a deep analysis of the environment and from the golf course’s natural integration with the environment. Each project is a new challenge, a challenge to discover the best golf course that is only limited by planning and budgeting restrictions. Creating detailed earth moving maps, moulding and associated engineering and direct supervision over each project allows us to meet both the client’s and golfer’s expectations.


Marco Martín Senior Member of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects.

The European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA) represents the most qualified golf course architects in Europe. The EIGCA members have shown through their skills, experience and training, their abilities to design and oversee the construction of golf courses to the highest standards.