Asunción (Paraguay)

18 Holes • Length 6.598 m • Par 72


TOSA is a huge development of more than 1.500 Ha, located on the other side of river Paraguay, with more than 3 miles coastline with the river just 20min from downtown, and connected by two long bridges with the capital, Asunción.

The area dedicated to golf is almost 120 ha divided in three loops of nine holes.

The first nine holes are a core design golf course that runs between Paraguay River and parallel to the International Bridge that access to Asunción City. Golf Course Architects has created a balance of 22 ha of new lakes and 30 ha of playable area using all the extra material dragged from the original muddy soil. As a result, the first nine holes look like a Florida´s look golf course, with enormous lakes and creative shaping along the golf course.

The rest of 18 holes is a classical residential golf corridor, surrounded by exclusives individual houses in both sides. Conrado Hoeckle, the owner and developer, gave freedom to Golf Course Architects to create a wide golf corridor of almost 130 m between properties, making TOSA residential development one of the most safety residential golf areas ever developed.