Almería (Spain)

18 Holes • Length 4.772 m • Par 66


On Mojacar, Southeast Spain, Macenas Mediterranean Resort has born as one of the most attractive ocean front residential properties to be chose as a place for long vacations or even be retired.

 Develop by COSENTINO Group, a world leader manufacturer of surfaces for building and decoration materials, Macenas Resort is high quality master planned community with high end residences and two hotels.

Blake Stirling and Marco Martín has developed the concept of “Family Golf Course”, a beautiful park to walk or to exercise jogging, skating, cycling   and at the same time a garden where to play 18 holes of golf in less than two and a half hours. Golf at Macenas is the perfect place to play with your family or play in less time and get time to enjoy more time with them. By analyzing the location of each hole, Golf Architects has creating technical and strategic holes all of them dominating relaxing views over the Mediterranean See.