The Tony Jacklin Marrakech

Marrakech (Marruecos) • 18 Hoyos


Marrakech (Marruecos)

18 Hoyos • Longitud 6.541 m • Par 72 + 9 Hoyos • Par 3http

This golf complex of 27 holes was designed by Blake Stirling and Marco Martin. Tony Jacklin became involved with the Golf Designers, Stirling and Martin. The golf course is long, wide, and expansive, designed on a huge scale. With huge lakes, sand bunkers, and big, subtle greens, rolling fairways and undulation rough, the course offers solid challenges and enjoyment. Housing around the golf course have beautiful views of the greenery and lush conditions. Each hole is different, which is quite interesting on a flat piece of land. A not miss for locals and golfing tourists.


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