Club de Campo Laukariz

Munguía, Vizcaya (España) • 27 Hoyos


Munguía, Vizcaya (España)

9 Hoyos Nuevos • Longitud 6.176 m • Par 72

6 Hoyos Rediseño • Longitud 3.118 m • Par 36

Laukariz Golf Course is known for the clubhouse to be dominant, situated at the top of a hill. With starting holes running downhill, and finishing holes, climbing up to the clubhouse, the topography is a major factor in the variety of the course. All 27 holes are linked through dense vegetation, and accuracy is at a premium. The greens all vary in size, shape and undulations. Perhaps the best course in the North of Spain. The experience is unmatched. The tree lined fairways add strategy, beauty, and separate each hole as a gorgeous, peaceful experience.

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